Veterinary Acupuncture 
& Healing Arts™,


Inside of a chapel our dear Lord will sit

Atop of the altar with candles all lit

Inside of the monstrance, He’ll eagerly wait

To see His loved children

So please don’t be late

Adore Him, we love Him

Our Brother and God

He died for our sins

Yet so many will trod

Upon His pure sweetness, His Mercy and Love

He sent the Third Person in the

Form of a Dove


We can sing like the Hosts in the Heavenly Court

Recite The Rosary decades that His Mother

Had taught

We can ask Him for guidance

In this turbulent world

When the response is the right time

Then our thoughts will unfurl


Let’s spend precious moments with

Our Lord by His feet

And we will lean on His Heart

Making this life more complete

Lisa J. Donato

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