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& Healing Arts™,

Can You Feel  It?

It’s the same vibration

Yet you cannot feel

Get the same reaction

When behind the wheel 


If you have the questions

That you just don’t know

You can guess an answer

See how far that will go


You can see

You can taste

You can see

All the waste

You can tell

When it’s time

That I know

Quite sublime


And I know the reason

But I can’t say why

That it’s all decaying

Now we’re going to die

But you didn’t say it

When you had the chance

Now it’s too far damaged

When you dance the last dance


In there, there’s a lesson

For you now to see

Better take a stand on

What it means ‘to be’


And if you remember

When the warning came

You were still asleep then

Yet you’re still to blame

Guess I’ll say adieu now

Better run better hide

This is all the fruit of

human arrogance and pride

Lisa J. Donato

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