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Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine:
    Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine is a component of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).  Diseases or disorders are diagnosed and treated based on different patterns and not by conventional diagnostics per se.  These patterns are determined by clinical signs and physical examination findings, including observation of the tongue and palpation of the pulse (using the femoral artery).  This is why it is so important for the patient to be physically examined by the veterinarian who is dispensing the Chinese herbal formula. 

    For example, three cats could be diagnosed by conventional diagnostics (such as radiographs or x-rays) as having arthritis.  The first cat could have too much internal heat (the cat would feel warm and would seek a cool floor to sleep on), the second cat would have too much internal coldness (the cat would feel cold and like to lie in the sun) and the third cat could have too much internal dampness (the cat may have an oily coat and also have diarrhea).  These three patients would each need a different Chinese herbal formula even though they all have arthritis.  If the wrong formula is used, then it would not help the cat, and could possibly make the cat feel worse.

    Thus, Dr. Donato will tailor the appropriate Chinese herbal formula to each patient based on their presenting examination and clinical signs.  Chinese herbal formulas incorporate multiple herbs to produce a balanced formula.  Usually the side effect of one herb is counterbalanced by another herb in the formula.  Many Chinese herbal formulas used for centuries for people can also be used effectively for cats and dogs.  Since Dr. Donato is a veterinarian, she knows what herbs are safe to use in our canine and feline companions.  In addition, she has been a Certified Veterinary Herbalist for many years and only uses formulas from companies that use high quality herbs and use the highest standards in their processing.
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