Veterinary Acupuncture 
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Holistic Consultation Information:

Dr. Donato's holistic veterinary consultation appointments are 90 minutes long.  This allows Dr. Donato to obtain a thorough history of your dog or cat, and time to perform a conventional medicine and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine examination. The latter includes the observation of the tongue and the palpation of the femoral pulse. Dr. Donato spends part of this time to educate you about the treatment options available for your pet. She will also guide you on how you can help your pet through diet, massage, etc.

To be properly prepared for the consultation, Dr. Donato recommends the following:

1.  Have all medical records (including doctor's physical exam findings and notes) for your dog or cat faxed or emailed to the administrative office at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment. This includes records from your family veterinarian(s) and any veterinary specialists whom you have seen. It could take a few days for the veterinary offices to have these ready for you. You also may need to call these offices more than once in order to have the request completed.

2.  Copies of all diagnostic test results should also be faxed to the administrative office. This includes labwork (bloodtests, urine and fecal tests, biopsy reports), radiology, ultrasound, CT scan and MRI reports, and any specialized testing results such as allergy test reports.

3.  If radiographs (X-rays) were taken using digital technology, then please have them emailed at least 24 hours in advance. If this is not possible, then please obtain the copies of the films on a CD disc. Radiographs taken using older technology can be physically borrowed from your veterinarian and should be made available the day of the appointment. You will be responsible for returning these films to your veterinarian for their records.

4.  Have all medications and supplements (a list as well as the actual bottles) made available. This includes all conventional medications, nutraceuticals, vitamins, homeopathic remedies and herbal formulas.

5.  Have the label of the food(s) you are feeding your pet also available.

6.  Read some of the information about treatment methods, such as acupuncture, available on this website.

7.  Write down any questions or concerns you may have and discuss these with Dr. Donato during the consultation. If you have taken any notes about your pet's history or clinical signs, please bring these with you also.

8.  Have a notepad and pen handy. This allows you to take notes about food changes, medications, massage techniques, etc. that Dr. Donato may recommend to you.

These recommendations will make it easier for Dr. Donato to maximally help both you and your pet.

Because the consultation is a long visit, Dr. Donato kindly asks that you treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated. Please show courtesy to both her and to other clients when booking an appointment and give the office at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel (except of course in emergencies or severe weather). This allows another patient to be seen if you are unable to make an appointment. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation in this matter. 
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