Veterinary Acupuncture 
& Healing Arts™,


O Winged Creature--are your wings truly real?
It's your nature that you hide in an orb to conceal
White light in my eyes--the truth can blind a fallen one
A radiance you shine greater than our golden sun

What miracles you weave.

O Golden Angel--do you ever seem to rest?
Are you happiest when I try to do my best?
If the rainbow colors could be multiplied by ten
Would I see your face in my 3-D world again?

What knowledge you must have.

O Shining Spirit--a protector through the night
Do you challenge all the evil like a silver armored knight?
Will you take me by the hand
And lead me to the promised land
Always at my side.

What love for us to share.

Lisa J. Donato
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