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Holistic Veterinary Medicine encompasses any diagnostic or treatment modality that looks at the patient as a whole. This takes into account the mind, body and spirit of the patient,
the human guardians and family, his or her environment, and diet. Due to this fact, Dr. Donato will need to spend a significant amount of time (usually 60-90 minutes) with the patient and guardian in order to obtain a proper history, analyze laboratory data, radiographs (x-rays) and other diagnostic test results, and perform a thorough examination.


Veterinary Acupuncture  (learn more about Veterinary Acupuncture)
Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine  (more on Chinese Herbal)  
Tui Na (learn more about Tui Na)
Chinese Veterinary Food Therapy (learn more about Food Therapy)

Animal Chiropractic  (learn more about Animal Chiropractic)

Homotoxicology (learn more about Homotoxicology)

Veterinary Botanical (Herbal) Medicine  
Wellness examinations








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