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Mothers Love Your Children

They call the baby a ‘fetus’

To make it seem that she’s worth less

From her own mother’s womb, she’s torn apart

Through her skull and her legs and then

right through the heart

By scalpel or hooks or vacuum or hammer

The ‘doctor’, a murderer, belongs in the slammer


But it’s a ‘procedure’ they say

In and out in one day

For it must be OK

since our insurance will pay?


And what do you expect

from this Culture of Death?

For freedom we fight

Yet this babe had no right!

And you scream the mom has “The Choice”

But this babe had no voice!


Yes, the mother chose to kill

For God gave her Free Will

Yes, the mother chose to kill

By ‘procedure’ or now a pill


For the Evil that helped her choose

Caused her and her baby BOTH to lose!


Was it the parents: “Since she’s much too young”?

Perhaps the boyfriend who only wanted to have fun?

Or baby didn’t fit into this year’s travel plan?

To London, Paris and then off to Milan!





And you might never heal

From the scar of this enormous holocaust

For your babe, marked ‘bio-waste’

Whose life you just tossed!


And the mill where’s it’s all done

Making millions on butchered little ones

Part of the Devil’s and Elitists’ plan

It’s really quite an elaborate scam


You’ve been fooled to kill your own child!

Ask Jesus for His Mercy for He is the Key

To set your Heart right
and allow your conscience to be free
Now open your eyes and take off the veil
that kept you in the darkness
And now The Truth will prevail!

Ask God for courage, counsel, wisdom and strength

He’ll take you by the hand
and guide you the entire length

Of the time that your baby needs you the most

When your mind-body will protect, nurture and act as her Host

And the Soul of this baby will connect with your Soul

For the Mother-Child Love Heart Connection is the most sacred of them all!




Lisa J. Donato


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