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Before discussing Homotoxicology, one must first discuss Homeopathy, or Veterinary Homeopathy. Homeopathy is based on the Principle of Similars, and was founded by Samuel Hahnemann. This therapy uses extremely small doses of substances, which at higher doses can create the same symptoms as the patient is showing. For example, a substance which at its 'regular' or typical dose can cause vomiting is used at its homeopathic dose to help a patient stop vomiting. The homeopathic dose is called a remedy and is created by a process of serially diluting and succussing (vigorous shaking which adds vibrational energy) the original substance (whether it be plant, mineral or animal glandular) so that the energy signature of the substance is present but very little of the physical substance is left. In Classical Homeopathy, usually one remedy is used at a time.

In Homotoxicology, however, a formula of remedies rather than a single remedy is used. Treatment is based on conventional diagnostics and the patient's clinical symptoms. For example, there are formulas for arthritis, kidney disease, allergies, nausea, etc. Homotoxicology was founded by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg who theorized that diseases are caused by toxins and the body's attempt to rid itself of them. Some of these toxins can arise from outside of the body such as infectious agents like bacteria or viruses, environmental toxins like pesticides or dietary ‘toxins’ such as gluten. They can also be created from deficiencies in metabolism such as free radicals or ammonia (as seen in liver disease). Even stress can be considered a toxin in today’s world for both the human and animal patient.

Dr. Reckeweg also observed that diseases follow a pattern of progression starting from the excretion phase (such as increased urination) and eventually leading to degeneration and tumor formation, if left unchecked. Anti-homotoxic or homotoxicological formulas activate the body's own healing process rather than try to suppress it. In addition, they attempt to navigate the body back to a state of homeostasis and good health and well-being, if possible. Often multiple formulas are needed and sometimes a patient will go through a mild detoxification (such as having mild diarrhea) or become worse
 before they will become better. These formulas can be given orally and can be injected into multiple acupuncture points. This form of acupuncture called aquapuncture (a form of Biopuncture) is commonly used by Dr. Donato for her patients as she has seen wonderful results with this technique of combining two "energy medicines".



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